Extremely Effective

I’ve had a foot fungus for about six years, have tried everything that western doctors have available: antibiotic creams, antimicrobial creams, antifungal creams. Nothing really made it go away 100% and it always just came back.

Then Aylee gave me a Chinese super-topical called Yin-Care, and to my astonishment my foot healed up completely after about a month of use. Incredibly satisfied with the results, no more outpatient referrals, insurance headaches or dud medications from my PCP. Thank you Aylee!

August 16, 2018

Finally Fixed My Cough!

When I started going to Aylee I had been dealing with a chronic cough for years.  I had been seen by numerous doctors but the cough remained.  Aylee listened to my issues and worked with me, trying various forms of healing and strengthening of my immune system.  Slowly my cough has diminished.  Aylee and acupuncture definitely made the difference for me.  Working with her has been a blessing and a pleasure.

August 4, 2018

Gentle, Professional, Compassionate

I am always impressed by Aylee’s gentle compassion, her listening skills and professionalism.  Her knowledge of the workings of the human body and the science and art of acupuncture and Chinese herbs have led to truly successful treatments over the past year.

August 4, 2018

Highest Possible Recommendation!

I cannot recommend Aylee enough for your acupuncture needs. Aylee sincerely cares about her clients and her work and because of that clients receive a well-rounded and thoughtful care plan that aims to treat the whole person not just the acupuncture side of treatment. As a client of Aylee’s I felt heard, supported and encouraged which is exactly what I would hope for in an acupuncturist.

August 4, 2018