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Is Aylee McFadden Acupuncture & Wellness the right fit for you? We offer free phone or in-person consultations so that you can meet Aylee and determine if acupuncture and Chinese medicine is the right path for your health needs.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, single use needles into specific acupoints along the body in order to elicit a healing response and guide the body back to balance. When performed by licensed acupuncturists, it is safe, low-risk and effective. Acupuncture sessions last 60-75 minutes and may include any of the following therapies within that time.

Bodywork & Movement Therapy

Bodywork and movement therapies (including shiatsu, cupping and gua sha) may be included in your acupuncture session. You can also book these modalities separately. Shiatsu is a form of massage where finger pressure is applied to acupuncture meridians to produce balance and relieve pain. Cupping is a technique using glass cups and suction that can remove stagnation and alleviate pain. Gua sha is a technique using a ceramic tool to vigorously massage the body, also used to remove stagnation and alleviate pain.

Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years and can enhance the effects of your acupuncture treatment. Herbal formulas are highly specific to each individual and their unique health concerns. The herbs prescribed at Aylee McFadden Acupuncture & Wellness often come in custom tincture or patent (pill) formats with bulk options available. Herbal consultations may be included in your acupuncture session when appropriate.

Moxibustion & Heat Therapy

Moxibustion, or “Moxa” for short, is a commonly used heat therapy that involves burning the herb Ai Ye (Mugwort) on or near the skin. It is often used in cold or chronic conditions. Ai Ye can be processed and used in several different forms, and may be incorporated into your acupuncture treatment.

Diet & Lifestyle

Chinese medicine is an all-inclusive, holistic form of healing. In your initial intake, your practitioner will ask about typical diet and lifestyle habits in order to best tailor an individualized treatment plan. If you are interested, your practitioner may offer guidance in these areas in order to best serve your health and wellness needs.

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Scheduling can be done via email or online.  Please email us at and we’d be happy to schedule you, or click below to get scheduled.

Payment Options

We aim to make holistic healthcare both meaningful and affordable. We offer a sliding scale for those who earn up to $16,100 a year for a single person or $32,900 a year for a family of four.  We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

We are happy to provide you a detailed invoice to submit to your insurance company or FSA for reimbursement, but at this time we do not bill insurance. Not taking insurance allows us to have more flexible pricing and the time needed to give you the best treatment possible.